Mas Deportes

Sport Shop



Multisport shop based in San Bartolomé (Lanzarote) where you can find all type of equipment for the sport practice: Triathlon, Swimming, Running, Trekking, Climbing, Paddle, Kayak. 

Highly qualified and caring staff able to solve all your doubts.


Activación Muscular




Muscle activation Techniques offer a revolutionary approach in assessing and correcting Muscle imbalances.

Adequate neuromuscular and joint function is essential for professional athletes (tennis players, dancers, golfers, soccer players, ...) and for excercise enthusiasts, sports of any type, fitness or sedentary people annoyed articular muscle feet, knees, spine, ... or recover from an surgery intervention or injury.

This new vision attacks many of the symptoms associated with these disorders from the root of neuromuscular weakness.



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