Beachfront Resort Lanzarote



Pleasing all the family is not always easy, but the Sands Beach Resort in Costa Teguise, with its privileged location, is the crowning glory of a beachfront hotel with a lot to offer.  This resort with a sandy crescent wrapped around a seawater lagoon will call your attention!

The Sands Beach resort is located on the eastern coast of Lanzarote. It offers its visitors splendid weather and all year round sunshine. The lagoon with its exclusive beachfront is not the only place to lay back and enjoy, many are the families who choose to congregate around the pool in one of the six plazas, to worship the sun and take a refreshing dip.



Saddles and accessories for cyclists 




We believe that cycling products can be improved. Our mission is to combine technology, design and a deep understanding of the cycling industry to create a world beating range of products that make the ride better. We push the boundaries by taking an unconventional approach to development. We look outside of the bicycle industry, applying the latest engineering and manufacturing technologies to construct products in ways that no other manufacturer has done to date. The result is a range of products that combine form and function to perfectly suit the needs of the modern cyclist.

We design and manufacture an extensive range of saddles and accessories for cyclists. The new Fabric Tri saddle ridden by Victor is UCI compliant and designed to suit the specific requirements of triathlon and time trial. Featuring a centralised pressure relief channel, integral bike hanger, removable bottle mount and built using Fabric’s award winning saddle technology the Tri saddle is designed for performance but not at the expense of comfort.




With the help of professional triathletes, 3D product designers, engineers, and after more than two years development, our Z3R0D wetsuits proved that they were up to on WCS, IRONMAN    70.3 and IRONMAN all around the world. Everybody dreamt a day to have the best wetsuit.



Creativity is a collective sport 

Youniti is a communication and design agency located in Barcelona, specialized in sports and created by two marketing professionals: Martí Milla, graphic designer, and Nicolas Beck, communication specialist.

In 2013 we crystallized our creative tandem in a company with the intention of proposing our own methodology of work to companies in search of solutions. After ten years of working together in the world of marketing, today we find good ideas, that is, those relevant, efficient, feasible and exciting. In order to carry out each project we rely on specialists of their art and sector.


Stilo Vitae

Health and Sport



Stilo Vitae is a company focused on Health and Sport. We have specialists who are highly qualified in each area. The whole team do multi-disciplinary work, analyzing each case so that the  treatment will be specific.

We advise our patients about their pathology.

We recommend actions and behaviours to prevent and/or resolve pathologies.

We provide training courses to sport teams: Biomechanics, Injury prevention, Nutrition and Supplementation.


Indiba Activ



The use of INDIBA ACTIV PRORECOVERY equipment ensures accelerated healing, immediate pain relief and reduces recovery time.

Immediate pain relief.

The patient experiences pain relief starting from the first session.

This leads to a more effective rehabilitation, in which muscles and tendons are already relaxed.

Reduction of therapy time.

The absence of pain allows deep treatment, obtaining accelerated healing, pain reduction and more stable results.

The continuous energy stimuli caused by INDIBA Activ Therapy reduces the time of subsequent therapy sessions.



Sports Coaching



Provides coaching habilities to start a process of change and improvement of athletes and sports teams.

Understand, manage and focus the emotions as a key factors for high performance.

Improve  mental strengt of athletes.

Design a work plan to face adversity.

Self awareness techniques to optimize performance.

Focus the atention and improve concentration.

Visualization as learning accelerator and optimize performance.

Define objectives effectively.

Develop a positive mind.



Ceramic bearings



CeramicSpeed is one of the world’s leading suppliers of ceramic bearings. From our start, as the first company to introduce ceramic bearings to the cycling industry, the company has grown rapidly, now consisting of 2 specialised sales channels, focusing on cycling and industrial applications. We have more than 15 years’ experience in bearings applications, and have developed close relationships with our component suppliers over the years – each of whom is the very best in their field.

CeramicSpeed bearings are based directly on the technology developed as part of NASA’s space programme in the 1990s. Today, CeramicSpeed produces hybrid bearings, using top grade Silicon Nitride ceramic balls, which surpass traditional steel bearings in every way. With continuous product development ceramic ball technology has now entered everyday usage, both within industrial applications and cycling. The result is high quality, well documented performance, with CeramicSpeed at the forefront of the field.

All our bearings are assembled by hand in Denmark.



Bicycle Bags

With over 30 years of experience in designing and manufacturing bicycle bags, we like to think we know a thing or two about them. 
We work with some of the best athletes in the world to engineer bags tailored to the specific needs of the cycling enthusiast.From cycling racers to triathlon competitors, cycling tourists to casual riders, we have created products that benefit all who use them. 

SCI’CON is devoted solely to the cycling bag market and we have had many years to develop and improve our product, resulting in breakthrough technologies such as the Roller System 2.1. 
As part of ASG International, and working alongside F-Tech and Solar Genome, our products are designed with the spirit of Italy and manufactured with the highest quality standard in mind. Driven by Dynamism, fueled by Passion.

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