Long Distance Triathlon




Today, Victor's bid for the triathlon, is primarily focused on long-distance triathlon.

The debut of the long distance, was relatively recent, particularly in 2009 in theTriStar200 of Andalusia, in which he got the fourth place.

The following year, in 2010, he made his first triathlon distance IM, Embrunman. Known so far as the hardest long distance triathlon in the world . This takes place in the French Alps, and in both 2010 and 2011, Victor has gone to the podium in third place, being the last year very close to victory.

In 2011, the long distance races grew on the Victor’s calendar and he played his first IronMan license triathlon  on the island of Lanzarote. Despite being in great shape and went in third position during the race, at km 20 of the marathon, he had to leave for back problems that prevented him keeping running.

That same year, in preparation for the Embrunman, he also competed in the Long Distance Triathlon of l'Alpe D'Huez, and very emotionally he took the title of winner.

Finally, the last race of the 2011 season was celebrated in Barcelona, Barcelona Costa Maresme Challenge, where Victor was at the door of the podium, with a deserved and satisfying 4th place and a time of 8h28 '.

The honors of this great duatleta and triathlete from the world of MTB, demonstrates his passion for the sport and his great potential.

We have no doubt that he  will continue climbing to the top and will continue fighting and enjoying this hard discipline such as the triathlon, where qualifiers, like his great strength of will, discipline, perseverance and courage (qualifiers that we know in Victor), are very important.


Professional Sportman

Since 2010



That’s how in January 2010, Victor, supported by friends, family and loved ones, decided to take a big step in his career, and started professionaly in the business of Duathlon and Triathlon.

Thus he set aside his work on the Autonomous University of Barcelona, where he had worked so far, while collated with training and competitions, to devote exclusively to the Duathlon and Triathlon world.

That first year as a professional, Victor won his second title of Champion of Spain and third title of the National Duathlon  Cros. And nternationally he managed to be Sub-Champion of European Duathlon  in Nancy (France) and he also gave us a 4 th place in the Duathlon World Championships, again in Edinburgh (UK). This made him the winner of the ITU Duathlon World Ranking 2010.

In Triathlon he got the title of Champion of Spain Cros Triathlon and he was selected for the European Championships in this discipline in Myjava (Slovakia), earning the title of Sub-champion in Europe.

In 2011, Victor validates the Sub- Championship of European Duathlon , this time in Limerick (Ireland) and he also achieved for the first time the podium in a World Duathlon Championship, earning the third place in Gijon, Spain.

In triathlon, he gets his second title of Champion of Spain and he is proclaimed the Cros Triathlon Champion and also Cross European  Triathlon in Visegrad (Hungary) getting his third international in 2011.


Duathlon and Triathlon

To 2009



Victor started in the  duathlon with the fat wheels bike,that means, the mountain bike, and he made his first duathlon of mountain in Ezcaray 2002. That was how he as gradually introducing into the world of duathlon. And so that was introduced, that 5 years later, Victor was the winner of the Cup and the Championship of Spain Duathlon Cros.

During those years, his competitive spirit and his desire to overcome let Victor try the road Duathlon. The results were satisfactory and in 2007 he was selected by the Spanish Federation to compete in the Duathlon European Championships in Edinburgh (United Kingdom), where he got a sensational 11th position.

These achievements were daily feet the motivation of this great athlete and his constancy, perseverance, and especially his willpower led him to a dream season in 2009. He got the Spain Championships Duathlon and Duathlon Cros, ninthplace in the European Championship Duathlon in Budapest, Hungary, and his best international position to date,  5th in the World Championship Duathlon Championship inConcord, USA in September of that year. 

But in 2009 not only he highlighted in Duathlon, but also did he in Triathlon Cros, earning the title of Sub-Champion of Spain and 6 th position in his first European Championship held that year in the Italian island of Sardenya.



Mountain Bike




This sport was, at the beginning, everything for Victor, and it allowed him to demonstrate his potential, getting  some outstanding results in Junior category as Mtb Cup of Spain, the Mtb spanish Open or the Championship of Spain.

The good results at national level let him be international with the Spanish selection, but the inexperience in competitions abroad and misfortune allowed him to get only, as best result, the thirteen position in Junior World Championship.

The first year in Under-23 category was difficult for Victor, because even achieved some podiums at national level, health problems left him unable to compete in the Championships of Spain, and without the possibility of returning to international selection.


Furthermore, that same season his racing team disappeared, and due to the impossibility of finding a good team for next season, Victor decided to leave sport and going on with studies, that he had abandoned during last season.


Junior MTB

1996 to 1998



Junior Champion of Spanish MTB Coronas Cup

Junior Champion of spanish MTB Open

Junior Champion Catalan MTB Cup

2 times Junior Champion of  MTB Catalunya

Junior Champion of MTB Spain

13 º UCI XC World Championships (Mount Saint Anne, Canada)


16 th European Championships (Belgium)


Youth MTB

1993 to 1996

In the beginning, Victor could start to compete thanks to the efforts of brands like OF3, which organized in those years a circuit for babies and children, with five or six events spread over Catalonia and distance circuits adapted to the age of the participants.

In this championship, Victor made his first podium.



The beginnings

In 1980, Víctor was born in Barcelona 



Victor Del Corral Morales was born in Barcelona on May 13th, 1980. Although he practiced some sports like football (soccer) and swimming as a child, his real start in the sport was at thirteen, when he started mountain biking with his brothers Jose Luis and Phily, and his father, a lover of cycling, Felipe.

The mountain biking was his passion and thanks to his parents and brothers, he could fully dedicate to it until the age of nineteen.

At this age Victor temporarily left the sport and focused on his studies. A couple of years later, Moya family motivate him to return back to train and, of course, to compete. He returned to compete in mountain bike and made his first contact with the duathlon.

Again, studies and work left Victor away to sport for a couple of seasons, and until 2004 he didn’t come back to competition and, now, into the sports which he most enjoy at present: duathlon and triathlon.


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